Amphictyonis, Greek goddess of wine and friendship.

Pixie Percival



Combining a detailed style, delighting in the visual communication which interprets nature, myths, stories, and legends.

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“Myth is much more important and true than history. History is just journalism and you know how reliable that is.”

― Joseph Campbell

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Kenyan Village scene



How the Maidens Savid Guam
Cover of the recent Childrens Book
African Fairies, Volume 1 (illustrated book)
Night Fae with her companion
French Milkweed - Botanical
Azziza, a mythological Werecat.


Cradle of the Fae - Illustrated book - sharing visual art for all things magical and mythological from Africa.   Specialising in mythology and legend, the visual focus is on the organic, and natural elements - the narrative is one of human nature and magic, stories, and illusions. Catching the threads to weave us all together, connected in our past, present, and future. They illuminate the way forward, the way back, and the way forward again.

A Cheetah Fae
The Mirror

Recent Collections

A Series

This is the current book project which is underway.


Taking the research and adding a creative twist to the historical narrative of the stories of the continent.

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Observing From a Distance

Unearthing the ancient narratives in the history of the continent to find the enchanting.

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Ma'at ...a Concept & a God

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Illustrating the elusive African Fae