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 I am an illustrator standing on the invisible bridge between now and then, expressing narrative through visual art. Expanding the interpretation of myths from our past, connecting them to the present through visual communication. I work in mixed media, gouache, collage and digital media, Handcrafted organic work, with rich colours in the fantasy genre, is my forte. 



Alex   Percival 


Combining a unique artistic voice with a playful, evocative exploration of the past and the future. Delighting in the visual interpretation of the narratives of myths and legends.

"The tide recedes but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand,

The sun goes down, but gentle warmth still lingers on the land,

The music stops and yet it echoes on in sweet refrains...

For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains".




Image 2 HITM  Nov Final
Vigne Virge
Botanical 2018 - Gouache
Childrens' Book Cover
Childrens Book Cover
Mythological Story Illustration
Fire Card - Victorian Elements series
Air Card - Victorian Elements 2017
Earth Card  - Victorian Elements 2017
Spiral Note Book 2017 - Victorian Elements
Water Lily
Butterfly Detail
Ula Cottage 2017 Kilifi
French Milkweed - pencil
Book Cover 2015
AMSND Book cover mock 2018.jpg
Gift Wrap.png
Inner Page Illustration of Maat copy.png
African Myth Illustration.png
Inner Page African Myth Illustration cop
Book Cover African Myths copy.jpg
Azizza Illustration.jpg
African Myth Book Illustration.jpg
New mirror with white.jpg
Abstract Larger canvas.jpg


Cradle of the Fae is my inspiration for creating visual art for all things magical and mythological, from the sublime to the savage.  I specialise in mythology and legend. The visual focus is on the organic, and natural elements - the narrative is one of human nature and magic, stories and illusions. The theme is of Africa and the original threads of the stories which weave us all together in our past, present and future. These will ever enlighten us and show the way forward, the way back and the way forward again.

Recent Collections

A Series

This is the current book project which is underway.


Taking the research and adding a creative twist to the historical narrative of the stories of the continent.

Observing From a Distance

Unearthing the ancient narratives in the history of the continent to find the enchanting.

Book Cover African Myths copy.jpg


Inner Page Illustration of Maat copy.png

Ma'at ...a Concept & a God

African Myth Illustration.png

Illustrating the elusive African Fae

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